Need a Pharmaceutical Marketing consultancy?

Whether you are run off your feet, looking for fresh and creative marketing campaign, a new message from newly published data, or a fresh perspective on an existing campaign, your account manager is here to help.
Our Process


Marketing direction

Objective setting, strategic direction, operation planning and execution

Market research

Advisory boards, focus groups and large scale research

Marketing materials

Stands, detail aids, i-details, leave pieces, press ads, approved emails


Patient stories, education, mode of action, TV

Creative concepts

Key messages and campaign lines. Copywriting.


CPD, product websites, Apps. Webinars.

Mindmap works with many global brands across pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical areas.

CLM/CRM solutions for a digital landscape


Mindmap have worked with Lilly, Boehringer, Shire, Takeda and others on a wide variety of E-detail solutions including third parties like Veeva and Agnitio as well as our own customs solutions. Our cutting edge technology allows for rapid execution from concept to delivery.

CPD points in a post Covid world?


Mindmap created a CPD site for Daiichi Sankyo, called ‘Kusuri’ to respond to a need for distance learning in an ever changing environment. Our in house team supplied photography, filming, coding and web design all in-house, for a polished experience.

Advances in chemo versus inertia among oncologists


Moving on from outdated concepts can take a lot of concerted messaging. Mindmap’s campaign for Lilly Oncology helped change minds about advances in chemotherapy.