FMCG Advertising

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Mindmap have been working with Apache Pizza since the start of their rapid expansion in 2013. Over the years we have helped to developed their presence both online, in-store and on TV and Radio. To say approach we’ve taken has been successful would be a little bit of an understatement. today Apache have over 200 stores in Ireland and is one of the countries best loved franchises.


Mindmap helped push create a number of new assets for Boyne Valley including a brand new Website and 48 sheet campaign to position BVH as Ireland’s favourite honey brand. We achieved this though a combination of high quality photography and excellence in design.


Ornua approached us to generate visuals for an expanded range of Baileys to test consumer interest in a range extension. A key part of this is to dial up the sensory factors with well polished imagery each illustrated with highly detailed ingredients.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver cutting edge communications that leverages the entire range of our expertise


At Mindmap, we pride ourselves on cutting edge graphic design in all our finished art, pack design, point of sale design and brand development. Whether your brand needs a logo, a poster campaign or a window display – we strive to produce artwork that engages the consumer, is colourful and eye-catching, typographically dynamic, appropriate to the market and on-trend.


Our onsite editing suite and capable staff of animators and production professionals are involved with the creation of video assets for a wide range of clients. We create mode of action videos, patient videos, training material, Webinars, Internal presentations and HCP videos. Our OTC and FMCG department produce Television advertising to the highest standard.


At Mindmap we produce websites that adhere to the most up-to-date standards. We use a mobile-first, responsive and SEO oriented approach. We design for popular CMS such as WordPress. Our websites are all fully secured with SSL certs and are GDPR compliant. The importance of good copywriting cannot be understated particularly as it relates to modern search ranking. We can advise and produce copy, photography and video for your site.